Holy Child School


Parent's Speak

It is quite often said that the grooming derived during the kinder years creates wonderful individuals and pillars of tomorrow…. I can see the passion and commitment of Holy Child and its staff through which my kids’ potential has been woven, carving out a beautiful life ahead for them.

Mother of Sinhanya Chugh and Praneel Chugh

The kindergarten syllabus has been designed keeping in mind the age, interest level and learning ability of the children. It is play based and learner- centric. Children are encouraged to lear through a plethora of activities- group and individual. We believe that children who are able to express themselves freely and clearly are likely to be better learners. So , activities like Show And Tell and Project Presentations are taken up on a regular basis. We aim for the all round development of the children. So , activities that help the child’s development of concepts, skills, attitudes and behavior are planned. The newly installed Smart Boards help in facilitating the learning process. Art , music, rhymes, storytelling and dramatization are given a lot of importance

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