Holy Child School


Parent's Speak

It is quite often said that the grooming derived during the kinder years creates wonderful individuals and pillars of tomorrow…. I can see the passion and commitment of Holy Child and its staff through which my kids’ potential has been woven, carving out a beautiful life ahead for them.

Mother of Sinhanya Chugh and Praneel Chugh
Our Logo

Objective of the school is three pronged, for both, students and the faculty alike:

Inspire             Excel                  Achieve




As a symbol of its objective, our logo constitutes the following significance:

  1. Banyan tree is a symbol of constant growth and maturity.
  2. Torch is a symbol of light and enlightenment.
  3. Book is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and judgement.
  4. Cricket bat and hockey stick arc symbols of physical well being, comradeship and sportsmanship.
  5. Star is a symbol of constant endeavor to achieve the stellar heights.
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