Holy Child School


Parent's Speak

I thank you for what has been an excellent 5 year's academically,  socially and in sports field. It's been a joy to watch RAMNEEK flourish as she has received a best scholar award this year.
When I shifted to Panchkula city, Prathiba Mam helped us and gave her guidance. Shaguna mam supported Ramneek as it was her first school and at that time she  was extremely sensitive. I thank all the staff members for their kind support and guidance .

I wish all the good luck to HOLY CHILD SCHOOL


Manpreet Walia
(Mother of Ramneek, Class 4)

Chairperson's Message


"At Holy Child School education means Awareness, not only of the beautiful world around us but also of what lies within us. I have always encouraged my students to live by the Golden Rule - Never Give Up. If you move forward with single minded determination and believe in Yourself, only then will success be yours. The heightening of the will to win can come only with Knowledge, Perseverance and above all pride in being Indian so that the child becomes not only an exemplary citizen of our country but also a wonderful human being.

True Education represents the most positive potential inherent in all children and for this a happy environment in the school is of utmost importance. Each child in school enjoys a cheerful, congenial & enc