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1. Admission is given on the basis of performance in the Assessment Test/ Interview. At the time of admission of a child Parents/ Guardians will be required to submit .... read more

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We at Holy Child School believe that our school provides a well rounded physical and academic environment for students from the age of 3 to 16 years. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, smart classrooms, green surroundings, multiple play areas, experienced and trained teachers our school stands as a complete educational platform that builds the perfect foundation for our students before they enter the real world. 

  • NEP Aligned Curriculum: The suggestions and recommendations of NEP 2020 are central to our curriculum and pedagogy at Holy Child School. Our aim has always been to provide our students with an edge of progressive learning, and NEP aligned curriculum is a significant aid in achieving that. Along with academic excellence, we emphasize on grooming all the inherent qualities of children that paves the way for their holistic development.
  • Technology Integrated Learning: There’s no denying that technology is ruling the world today. With technology taking care of the learning processes, the education arena is also experiencing a complete makeover in terms of methodologies and teaching pedagogies. From smart board classrooms to technology-aided teaching methodologies, we, at Holy Child School, have technology imbibed in every facet of the teaching-learning process at our institution.
  • Futuristic Approach to Education: We maintain an engaging, stimulating, and futuristic approach to learning by integrating the best and the latest teaching methodologies. This makes the learning experience fun-filled and engrossing for our students.
  • Personalised Attention: At Holy Child School, we believe that education is all about being the guiding star for the little ones. After all, not every child is the same and comes with similar potential. Hence, to equally nurture every single student of ours, the expert mentors at our School give special consideration to their unique pace of learning and provide them with personalised attention to help them realise and attain their goals.
  • Vast & Secure Campus: The school campus is vast, spacious, secured, and imbibed with the modern infrastructure to ensure global standard education impartation. From steady CCTV coverage to a fully equipped laboratory and library, we have state-of-the-art arrangements for delivering quality education to our students. 
  • Sports Facilities: At Holy Child School, we believe that sports are as important as academics. In fact, for the all-encompassing development of children, it is essential that they indulge in regular sporting and outdoor activities. This is why we have kept our campus equipped with sports facilities. The basketball court,  the skating rink, and the choices remain abundant for our students. 
  • Emphasis on Performing Arts: Besides encouraging the sportsman inside every child, we also encourage performing art skills to uplift the artistic qualities of our young geniuses. The school provides every facility required to nurture the little creative souls.
  • Ideal Student:Teacher Ratio: We follow a 1:25 teacher-student ratio for every class to ensure that even the students sitting at the farthest corner of the class get the same attention as the first benchers. We also focus on keeping every child interactive and active throughout a class. Our teachers are trained to remain friendly and approachable with the students, which further makes the arrangement all the more effective in imparting quality education.

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The journey of Holy Child School began in the year 1991 from Panchkula, Sector-2, with our founding members having the vision to create an institution that was not only to impart education but also to groom the young minds of today, to take on the challenges of tomorrow, excel and achieve their limitless potential.