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It is quite often said that the grooming derived during the kinder years creates wonderful individuals and pillars of tomorrow…. I can see the passion and commitment of Holy Child and its staff through which my kids’ potential has been woven, carving out a beautiful life ahead for them.

Mother of Sinhanya Chugh and Praneel Chugh
School Assessment

Pre Boards & PA 2_Combined Date Sheet-19-20


  • The academic year is divided into two terms. The performance of the child in the each term will be assessed on the basis of the Formative Assessments (FA1, FA2, FA3, FA4) i.e. weekly tests, class tests, homework assignments, projects, subject based activities and Summative Assessments (SA1, SA2). Marks of both terms will be added to give the final result and grade.
  • Only those students who have paid all school dues will be allowed to appear for the school examinations.
  • Promotion to the next higher class is granted on the basis of the Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments held during the whole year. Hence due importance must be given to these along with regularity in attendance.
  • Students who miss any Formative Assessment or Summative Assessment will not be given a re-test. There can be no pre-ponement or post-ponement of any tests, such cases will be settled on the basis of the year’s work.
  • Any student found going against the Code of Conduct of an examination will be expelled from the examination and the answer sheet will be cancelled. Similarly, serious action will be taken, if the marks/grades are tempered with or any copy or paper is being signed by a child on behalf of the parents.
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